The FourWay was renovated in 2015

Originally built by Paul T. Carr as a modern full-service filling station for gasoline and repairs. It was a Phillips 66 station under the Standard Oil Company name.

It was stylish boasting a three bay garage with a gabled front and narrow wing. This business provided young people with their first jobs in the community. Mr. Carr also ran a Pontiac dealership in Cuba,

Throughout the years, there were various owners and brands until Bill and Lynn Wallis bought it in 1968. It became the first Mobile Gas Station and offices of Wallis Oil company. Thier headquarters remains in town but across the street in a modern brick office building.

The Wallis family always had an appreciation for the structure where they began their business.

After Bills death in 2001, Lynn Wallis began a project that would honor her late husband and the stations history.

Collaboration with ViVa Cuba a Route 66 grant, Phillips 66 and others assisted the Wallis Family in restoring the station to its original state in the 1930’s. Artist Ray Harvey was commissioned to paint the vintage scenes on the garage bays in memory of Bill and the history of the station.

World travelers can stop and see a rich piece of Americana along the famous Route 66 highway.

As  Joanie Weir reported, “We want to thank our family ( Bausolas, Weirs, Phillips,and Barrons) for their endless support and hard work”. “To Daniel and Patrick Weir who did not know what they were getting into, but persevered to the very end, tirelessly working,  THANK YOU”! “You have all been very giving of your time and energy away from your own families and we remain forever grateful  “Without all of you this would not have been possible”

And a very special thank you to Patricia Joan Weir and Edward Weir for teaching us the meaning of hard work and giving us the love and guidance to get here.

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